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What Is A Security Operations Center(SOC)?

Simply stated, a security operations center (SOC – which is pronounced "sock") refers to an expert team that continuously examines an organization's capability to function securely. In the past, a SOC was usually described as a space in which SOC analysts collaborate.

Today, the SOC cyber surveillance is no longer a single room filled with people and is more of a vital security role in a company. A SOC team member may work just as effectively at home as they would be working in a physical SOC center.

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What does a SOC Team member do?

The members of a SOC team are accountable for a range of tasks such as the monitoring of proactive activities, emergency intervention as well as recovery and remediation in compliance, coordination, and the context.

Let's dig deeper into each of these jobs.

  • Monitor Proactively: The monitoring includes analysis of the files. Logs could come from various endpoints or networks, like routers and firewalls, intrusion-detection software (IDS) applications, and email devices. 

  • Incident Remediation and Recovery: A SOC oversees an organization's capacity to take the appropriate steps to minimize the damage and effectively communicate to keep the business operating following an incident.

A SOC team member can help an organization identify the main factors behind cyber-attacks. If a SOC analyst is involved in this process they are believed to be conducting root-cause analyses. In essence, the words of a SOC analyst are tasked with figuring out the exact time, place, and why an attack is successful.