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Where Bed Bugs Come From And What To Do About The Treatment

Normally, people do not want to have bed bugs in their homes. This parasite is usually smaller than a quarter-inch in length and when they are adults they can fill themselves with human blood only in fifteen minutes.

This causes the bed bug to grow up to three times the normal body size. When stuffed to the max, bed bugs usually bear little resemblance to their original state. They are often mistaken for a variety of insects at all. To get rid of such pests, you can hire professional bed bug treatment in San Francisco Bay Area.

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This bug can lay about five eggs per day with a ten-day incubation treatment in the hot weather. The incubation period is usually longer when the weather is cold. This bug will require five feedings of the blood into the adult bed bugs.

This bug issuing their exoskeleton during molting between breastfeeding sessions. Once they reach the age they will start the life cycle over and a new spawn.

The adult female can lay up to 200 eggs during their lifetime. Only the young hatch will start looking for their first meal. The best news is they do not carry pathogens such as ticks and mosquitoes.

The next-door neighbor, furniture, and even your furry pet can unwittingly be the transferees of disgusting bugs. One common way that the house is filled with the pieces of the former home that had been abandoned on the roadside, buy from neighbors, or even the purchase of goodwill.

If a person has a bed bug infestation, they will more than likely throw the suspect item. Keep in mind that this bug can last a year or more without eating. Check the item carefully and call professionals to prevent them from access to your home.