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Why is Barcelona Chair Reproduction Important?

Replicating the Barcelona Chair is important because it represents a classic design that remains popular despite changes in fashion. When reproducing the chair, designers can ensure that the final product looks accurate and is comfortable to use. Additionally, reproducing the Barcelona Chair can help raise awareness of classic furniture designs, which can benefit both designers and consumers.

Types of Reproductions

The reproduction of the Barcelona chair can be roughly divided into two  types: direct and indirect. Direct reproduction is when the original chair is completely recreated from scratch, whereas indirect reproduction involves using a replica of the original. 

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Materials Required

The materials needed to create a Barcelona chair reproduction are almost exactly the same as the materials needed to create any other chair. However, there are a few special items that are necessary for this project. 

The first item is a reproduction of the Barcelona chair's original back. This can be found online or at local antique stores. The back should be made out of wood and have a sturdy frame so that it can support the weight of the cushion. 

Next, an original Barcelona chair cushion is needed. The cushion should be made of high-quality foam and should be at least 18 inches wide by 24 inches long. The dimensions of the cushion will determine how large the replica will be, so it is important to get one that is close to the original size. 

Finally, a reproduction of the Barcelona chair's original upholstery is needed. This upholstery can be found online or at local antique stores. Upholstery for reproductions is usually made from a low-quality fabric that is not as durable as the original material. It is important to find an upholstery company that can replicate the specific look and feel of the original upholstery.