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All About The Funeral Flower Preservation

Sometimes you wonder how to save flowers from the funeral of a deceased loved one; keep them in a state where they look almost as alive as the day you first saw them? It's common to want to hold onto precious objects that remind you of someone special in your life, and flowers are often a reminder.

Unfortunately, the buds don't last long and the petals you keep become brittle, wrinkled, and brown within a few days. At Floral Preservation companies, they use state-of-the-art freeze-drying techniques to enable the preservation of your funeral flowers! You can also get more information about funeral flower preservation via

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How to store flowers before burial – what is the process?

If you're wondering how to save flowers from burial, at professional companies use a freeze-drying process to preserve memorial flowers. This professional multi-step process includes pre-treating your flowers, freezing, and a primary stage followed by a secondary drying stage.

Once your special flowers arrive in the showroom, they will be photographed from various angles. A complete inventory has also been created for an inventory of all the different flowers included in your arrangement along with any other sentimental items/keepsakes that you would like to include in your memory.

Your preserved flower memorial will remain in the climate-controlled storage facility until it is ready to be collected or returned to you.