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Carnauba Wax As A Paint Protection Film

With the advancement of technology, paint protection has developed rapidly. Once a day there is wax. You wax your car every few months and that's it. We now have carnauba wax, polymer seals, Teflon seals, ceramic coatings, thin bras, and more.

It seems that every dealer or parts store has a protection package and it seems they are all called different things. Waxes, sealers, ceramic coatings, and paint protective films. We have a lot to cover here, so let's get started!

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Let's talk about waxes. This is the most common and widely used term in the industry. But in reality, this is old technology in the high-end market. Generally, candles are made from wax that falls from palm tree leaves.

These waxes come in various forms but have the same concept. The palms do this naturally to protect the leaves. Well, it has long been discovered that you can melt and mix them and then apply them to car paint. That used to be the gold standard.

In general, since there are many different types, the difference is the main carnauba themselves, and the percentage of their carnauba. High-quality waxes start at around 70% Carnauba and are drawn from there. 

Carnauba itself is great for UV protection but is not chemically resistant. And it has a very low melting point. This means that a casual trip through a car wash or very hot summer days is enough to jeopardize protection.