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Check the Various Crane Parts Available in the Market

It is easy to spot cranes and hoists in large manufacturing units, factories, and construction sites. If you are in charge of such a premise, it might be usual for you to worry about their maintenance and parts. You need not contact the company that manufactures cranes in order to obtain a part.

You can get crane parts from any other manufacturing company. The majority of the crane parts can be obtained independently. If you are looking to buy crane parts by Kobelco in NZ, visit


The various crane parts available in the market which can be bought from independent vendors include:

*Gears: Tough and long-lasting gears can be obtained in the market. This can be fitted with cranes of any brand for smooth work to be carried out.

*Wheels: Wheels of any size that fit into any crane can be obtained from the market. Other than this, wheels can also be custom-designed.

*Motors: Cranes are designed to lift heavyweights. Other than that, they themselves weigh almost a ton. Powerful motors that have the capacity to lift considerable weight can be availed from the market.

*Drums: Drums that have a large diameter and a considerable length can be obtained from any manufacturer. Crane parts that may perform better can be availed from a third party.

*Drive Shafts: You can buy these for the smooth functioning of the crane.

The best thing about purchasing independent crane parts is that it is hassle-free. Waiting for company technicians to come and fix the crane parts may prove time-consuming and expensive.