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Choose Best Kilimanjaro Hiking Tour For The Most Exciting Mountain Experience

Kilimanjaro is a popular destination in Africa, known for its stunning views and beautiful scenery. Home to the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro offers everything from trekking on its base to rafting down its glaciers. With so many hiking options, there is a Mount Kilimanjaro travel guide  available which is helpful for you to choose your favorite Kilimanjaro hike.

Kilimanjaro is a mountain in Africa that is considered to be one of the Seven Summits. It is a dormant volcano that is located in the country of Tanzania. The mountain was first climbed by a group of British mountaineers in 1889. It has been climbed over 1500 times and is currently the fifth most climbed mountain in the world.

The Kilimanjaro hiking tour options are endless, but here are some of the best choices for an amazing and thrilling mountain experience: 

  • The Lemosho Route: This route takes hikers up Lemosho Valley, which is considered to be one of the safest and most scenic routes to summit Kilimanjaro. The hike is long (about 21 kilometers), but it is also considered to be one of the easier routes to summit Kilimanjaro. 
  • The Machame Route: The Machame Route is considered to be one of the harder routes to summit Kilimanjaro, but it also offers more impressive views of the mountain than other routes. The hike is about 19 kilometers and can take up to 10 days to complete. 
  • The Rongai Route: The Rongai Route is a more challenging route that takes hikers up Mount Kilimanjaro's eastern slope. The hike is about 21 kilometers long and can take up to 10 days to complete.

The mountain is considered to be one of the most dangerous and unforgiving mountains in Africa, so it is important that hikers are well prepared before they attempt to climb Kilimanjaro. Hike during the dry season only: Hiking during the wet season in Mount Kenya (the plants there tend to hide any loose rocks on the mountain) makes hiking Mount Kilimanjaro more difficult, but hiking during the dry season is even more dangerous due to mudslides and landslides. So make sure to take the help of professionals to plan the trip.