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Crane and Rigging Equipments to Hire for Work

Cranes are required to lift large amounts of construction equipment and materials during large-scale construction projects. Each member of the construction crew should be familiar with the basics of crane operation and crane rigging. 

Safety is the number one rule when working with heavy lifting equipment. Safety should be a top priority. Each lift should have a detailed procedure that should be followed. This process should also be reviewed periodically by all members of the team.

Before picking up or lifting any materials or equipment, it is important to complete a checklist that includes equipment condition, weight tolerances, equipment condition, and landing site conditions.

The Office of Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific rules and regulations regarding crane safety. These regulations must be adhered to.

The DOE defines two types of lifts: ordinary and critical. Any lifts that pose a significant risk to workers or would result in an accident that could have a major impact on the environment, project, or facility are considered critical lifts. 

Projects that require cranes to lift large or unusually heavy objects such as beams for high-rise buildings are called critical lifts. Critical lifts are more difficult to manage and require additional requirements before they can be attempted.