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Different Types Of Duct Board Panel Used In Your Property

Thermal insulation is provided by duct boards panels. Fiberglass duct board panels' interior surfaces are sound-absorbing, which makes them quiet and easy to use for your property.

Fabric ducting is also known as duct socks or textile socks. Fabric ducts are made from special polyester material and distribute air evenly along their length. They are more efficient than traditional duct systems and provide more air.You can also buy duct board panels and duct board insulation at Ductus.

duct board

Fabric duct boards are not designed to be used as conditioned air conduits. Because it replaces metal or hard ductwork, it is commonly called a "duct".

Venting is used to distribute air evenly across a system. This allows for a better distribution and mixing of conditioned air in one area. 

Fabric ducts boards can also be used in raised-floor applications. You can choose from standard or custom colors and also have screening options. They are also available in porous and non-porous fabrics.

If metal conduits must be installed within an installation, it is advisable to use an air permeable. It doesn't produce condensation so it can be used in applications that require water below the dew point.

Porous materials are less maintenance than those made of non-porous materials, as they repel dust and other airborne contaminants.