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Different Types of Wedding Cars in Sydney

In order to decide which model of car to rent for your wedding, you must first make a basic decision. Always keep your wedding theme in your mind when considering different wedding car options. Even if you and your partner already own a certain type of car, it's still best to explore your options to find a car that fits your wedding and personality. For more details about different wedding cars, you can visit this website –

Wedding cars can be divided into three main groups: traditional, modern, and new.

Traditional Car: To create the timeless elegance of your wedding, opt for a retro car model, such as a 1933 Rolls Royce or a 1930 Chrysler 66. When it comes to retro wedding cars, make sure they are well-groomed inside and out.

Popular classic wedding cars are Rolls Royce and Jaguar, which provide a more luxurious driving experience. Classic Bentleys, Daimler sedans, Cadillac convertibles, Ford Skyliners, and all pre-1960 Pontiacs are also great choices.

The best thing about a traditional or classic wedding car is that its vintage style will give your wedding an old-world feel, which would be perfect for a fairy tale theme. 

Modern Car: Modern car models are the best choice for modern or urban-themed weddings. The renowned luxury and executive ranks of the Mercedes Benz S-Class and E-Class are considered by many to be the perfect style for a modern wedding. Another popular choice is the stylish and modern Porsche.

Other modern models come from Bentley's top line, such as the Continental Flying Spur, White or Silver Executive, and the Baby Bentley sedan. This modern style car is elegant and has a luxurious feel that will complement your wedding perfectly.