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EPS Recycling System For Sustainable Development

Recycling is part of our sustainable development strategy, which aims to reduce the impact of our products on the environment. If your company has clean polystyrene waste, you may qualify for our company collection services. 

You can choose the reliable EPS recycling company in Sydney at Nicsons and call now for the quota. While the EPS tonnage transferred from the landfill during the reporting period was 37% of the original target (600 tons per year), the results of the program include:

– Building supply chains to reclaim resources for EPS.

– Raising awareness of EPS as waste.

– We recycle what you don't use so your waste doesn't end up in landfills.

– We collect all the pieces for reuse in the production process.

– Provide a model for organizations to design, develop and implement recycling projects.

– Market expansion for updated EPS trading.

– We recycle 100% of the packaging we use.

For companies with large amounts of EPS waste, we can offer long-term cost savings while significantly reducing your ecological footprint. And if your company already processes EPS waste, we will collect it from you and offer you the best market price.

Recycling turns EPS, which would otherwise be trash, into a valuable resource. The ability to conserve and protect valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions is an important environmental issue today. EPS packaging materials contribute to environmental protection in many ways.