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Everything You Need To Know About Using Electric Swimming Pool Covers

With many in-ground pools, it can be a challenge to remember to close the pool whenever you leave home. But those days are over with the introduction of electric covers! Read this article for all you need to know about using electric pool covers.

What Are Electric Swimming Pool Covers?

Electric swimming pool covers are a great way to keep your pool clean and safe. There are many different types of electric swimming pool covers, including magnetic, solar, and battery. In the summertime, it is important that you use an electric swimming pool cover because they prevent the water from evaporating in the sun. Know more about premium electric pool covers for inground pools on

How do electric pool covers work?

Electric pool covers are a great way to ensure your pool will stay clean and safe all year. They work by using water that is circulated by the electric motor, which circulates the water without any dirt or debris in it. It also prevents leaves or fallen branches from collecting on the surface of your pool.

Certain Types of Edges

An electric heating element is the essential part of an electric swimming pool cover. This device will provide the pool with proper temperature and help to prevent algae from growing. The edges of the covers are a key safety feature as they increase the likelihood that a child won't fall into the pool.

Solar Swimming Pool Covers

The solar panels on the electric swimming pool covers provide enough power to heat your pool up in the winter and can also charge your batteries. The covers are easy to use and store, making them convenient for homeowners. They are also long-lasting and cost-effective.


Electric swimming pool covers are an effective way to lower your electric bill, use less water, and keep your pool clean. They also make access to the pool safe for kids and adults, especially with smaller children. However, you have to set up the system correctly in order to get the most out of it.