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Get Fit With The Best Pilates Equipment

Pilates offers a multitude of benefits, but they can be hard to commit yourself to if you're not properly equipped. If you've made the decision to take up this popular movement, this article will help you find the right products and accessories so that you can guide your journey with ease.

Pilates apparatus can be broken down into two main categories: reformers and apparatuses. Reformers are typically stationary pieces of equipment that users lie on while they are exercised, while apparatuses include balls, bars, rings, straps and discs that the user moves through their exercises.

There is a vast array of Pilates reformers and apparatuses available on the market to purchase, from budget-friendly brands to high-end options. Below we have outlined some of the best Pilates equipment for beginners and more experienced exercisers alike.

If you're new to Pilates and want to start off with some basic equipment, a reformer is an ideal option. These pieces of equipment can be stationary or portable, so they're perfect for beginner exercises. There's no single answer to this question since Pilates is an extremely versatile exercise regimen that can be used for a variety of goals, from reducing stress to improving Balance and Stability.

However, there are a few pieces of Pilates equipment that are typically recommended for beginner and intermediate exercisers. Pilates props help you intensify your workout by providing resistance against your body while you ground yourself against the mat. Props come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most common being variations of circles and bars.