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Give a Stylish Look to The Bedroom With Different Types of Queen Size Bed

Solid wood beds are very common in most of the households as they are long-lasting and a classic beauty that goes with any kind of decor. The storage need in the bedrooms has always been a priority when selecting furniture.

With more people opting for living in apartments and an increase in space crunch, buying spacious storage cupboards and wardrobes are not feasible for everyone. Moreover, with a bed occupying most of the room, many reputed furniture stores offer a queen bed with drawers.

queen size beds

Here we present more such benefits of buying a stylish wood bed having a luggage compartment.

  • A double bed with drawers under them is an excellent place to store blankets, duvets, quilts and pillows. Such bigger pieces of bedding items require a lot of space in the cupboard that may leave little space for your clothes. But storing them inside the hollow compartment of your poster bed can free up your cupboard space
  • A poster bed with storage is sturdier than regular a solid wood four-poster bed as it has extra supports. They are not only stylish and timeless but can last for decades.
  • They can enhance the appearance of the bedroom, create more free space as you can store everyday items inside the luggage compartment and keep the room cleaner. The beauty of your bedroom can increase with stylish queen-sized beds with upholstered headboards or upholstered beds in other modern styles that suit urban bedrooms.
  • You can store a number of items inside, ranging from clothes to books and from shoes to toys. Apart from daily items, you can store seasonal clothes or items that you do not use every day and need a place to safe keep.

These classic and practical pieces of furniture can not only give your bedroom a quick makeover but also make your daily chores a lot easier. The ease of using such solid wood beds available online will depend on the type of storage feature that it offers.