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Guide to Adding a Water Feature to Your Property

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A water feature can complete the look of your already beautiful garden. Besides, it can also add to the value of your home in case you plan to sell it after some time. But that needs you to have the water feature installed aptly with proper planning that should be done before tearing your garden for the installation.

  • Find the Right Space: Placing the water feature in the garden directly is preferred over using any patio or deck. But with every garden having a unique shape and design, you need to find the right space for this feature. It shouldn’t hinder the path and add visual appeal to your space.
  • Get the Materials: The installation process requires you to have access to some materials and tools in addition to the fountain. These include gravel, water pump, stones, fabric lining, PVC conduit, a power outlet, plastic basin, and metal screening. Source these materials before starting the work.
  • The Installation Part: Dig a hole for the plastic tub, add a gravel layer, then the fabric lining followed by the plastic tub with the surrounding area filled by the soil dugout. Now add the pump to the tub, add the metal screen, and complete the setup. Create a composite decking to support the feature. Finally, install the final feature.

Not many people can follow the process as precisely a professional would do. That’s why it is always recommended to hire experts, whether it's for installing a feature or earthmoving hire in Brisbane for garden landscaping.