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How To Measure Your Pool For A Custom Safety Cover

Safety covers are getting increasingly popular each year due to the fact that they offer unbeatable security, protection, and value. When your pool size is different than a rectangle, you're forced to hire the services of an external contractor to assess your pool to determine a suitable cover. You can find the best custom pool cover through various online resources.

custom pool cover

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 Here are a few points to ensure you pool for custom pool cover 

Begin by drawing your pool. Add length and width based on the measurements taken at this point. Then, grab the chalk piece and draw two marks between A and B along each edge of your pool that is three to 4 feet from the edge and at the center of what is the largest side. Make sure that you don't create an imaginary line connecting two points that intersect with the pool at any time. 

Find the middle area of your AB line, and then make an AB line, numbering one on the outside edge of the pool at this point. As you move around the pool, create a chalk mark every 3 feet (doesn't need to be precise) around the area of the pool, naming the marks consecutively.

Anything that is immovable, such as stairs, rock formations as well as slides. Are required to be marked with chalk marks too.