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What to Study: Becoming a Web Designer

Many of you may be interested in a career as a web designer, but you may not have any idea where to start. What you study is important because it sets the tone for your future. Being a designer means that you have a good understanding of certain field-specific skills, such as software, principles and standard techniques in the industry. Having excellent visual skills such as layout, typography, color and formatting will give you a big head on the road to become a web designer.

Web designer vs web developer

So, how do you determine if you want to be a designer or developer? First, you must evaluate your skill. What do you like doing more? What kind of things do you see at your first job? The main difference between them is that one push pixels to solve problems, while the other uses code

Being a developer is a very technical skill with limited creativity. The work of a designer requires a lot of originality and inspiration when creating layouts and designs. You have to experiment to know where your strength are. You must ask yourself a lot of questions, but you have to discover the answers for yourself.

Decide if you want to work in a full-time freelance agency can have an impact on the type of course you are taking. For web designers looking to enter Freelancing, it is important that you also take general business courses such as marketing, economics, business skills and communication skills.