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Things That You Should Know About Zero Radius Sink

The zero-radius kitchen sink is a rectangular sink that is exactly rectangular, with sharp 90-degree angles and perfectly straight edges instead of the more conventional smooth curves and beveled sides. 

The zero radius washbasins is one of the hottest elements in modern kitchen design and offers a sleek, contemporary look, but can be a bit more difficult to clean than traditional sinks, especially as they age. 

Sinks Zero Radius

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That's why we've put together this simple guide to familiarize you with this sink, as well as some of the advantages of installing it in your kitchen.


Modern, Fresh Design: The sharp edge of the Zero Radius sink offers its owners a clean, minimalist aesthetic that is in keeping with modern kitchen designs.

Price: Zero radius sinks cost practically the same as rounded corners.

Angle variations: As opposed to zero radius, rounded corner sinks are available in a variety of angles. There are many websites from where you find all kinds of sinks with rounded corners, so you can choose how sharp your sink is.

Easy to clean: a sink with rounded corners is easier to clean than a sink with a zero radius.

And what is a sink with zero holes?

A sink with zero holes means the faucet hole is drilled through the stove itself and has nothing to do with the sink.