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The Definitive Guide To Mixed Craft Beer

Mixed Craft Beer is a pack of three, six-pack tasting glasses for craft beer enthusiasts who want to try all the latest trends in this popular beverage. 

Mixed craft beer is a beer that is made with two or more brewing styles. This means that the beer can have flavors and aromas from different types of beer. Assorted craft beer packs can be made from any type of beer, including lager, IPA, stout, wheat ale, and more. Mixed craft beer is a growing category of craft beer, with more and more breweries creating mixed-style beers.

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Here are some of the benefits of mixed craft beer: 

1. Variety. Mixed craft beers offer a wide range of flavors and aromas, which can be difficult to find in single-style beers. This variety is especially important to those who enjoy trying different types of beer.

2. Complexity. Mixed craft beers are often more complex than traditional beers, with multiple layers of flavor that can be difficult to detect in a single sip. This allows beer drinkers to explore different aspects of beer taste while still enjoying a drink that is easy to drink on the go.

3. Tastes great with food. Many mixed craft beers pair well with food, providing complementary flavors that can enhance the dish. For instance, hoppy mixed craft beer will complement spicy foods while a stout-based mixed craft beer will enhance savory dishes.