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What exactly are Telegram bots?

The bot store an un-human "user" for Telegram composed of code lines and is capable of carrying out more or less complicated actions by itself, able to receive user-specific commands through HTTP requests. You can also create the best bot for telegram online.

There are two kinds of Telecom chatbots:

A stand-alone bot that comes with a separate chat window that allows the user to make commands. To connect to a stand-alone bot, simply add it to an URL.

Inline bot store that can be accessed from another chat window (single or in a group) by using the @namebot command.

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How do you create a telecom bot?

However, let's get straight to the point of creating the bot that will work for your company by customizing it according to our requirements. It's very simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to Telegram and send a message to @BotFather. It is one of the bots' fathers Telegram
  • Then, choose the chat option with the BotFather
  • In the dialog that starts Click on the Start button.
  • According to what the BotFather suggests, you write or even newsbots in the conversation
  • At this moment, BotFather will ask you some questions regarding the initial setup of your bot:
  • The name that you would like to use for the bot
  • The username is the username that you utilize to join the store through your website or an external application (remember that it must begin with the word bot).

Chatbots on Telecom help change the way we communicate particularly the connection between customers and brands which is pushing marketing more to the realm of conversation. You can begin chatting with your customers on Telegram from today.